Hello everyone and welcome to another faithful Sunday

I guess we’ve got some sort of theme going on here in this month of October, Influence.

Here’s the original blog post I mentioned previously, you can check out the previous blog post here.Christian Influencers

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As a new Christian or someone who has been running this race for quite some time. Like me, you’ve probably wondered if there are others like you, out there, outside your local congregation living for Christ.

Let me tell you, just like God told Elijah that there are thousands out there who haven’t bowed their heads to Baal (1kings 19:18), so there are millions of people living for Christ and representing the kingdom in their various fields. Fields such as music, comedy and on various social media platforms.

These people are influencers in many ways ranging from running YouTube channels dedicated to talking about God and their experience with Him (Ezinne Zara), to boldly taking a stand for Christ (remember the Maraji controversy), to even refusing to denounce their faith in Christ, like Leah Sharibu (whom we keep in our prayers)

So the kingdom of God is definitely not short of people living their lives boldly for Christ, creating Christian content, talking about their experiences as Christian. The list is inexhaustible; I will only be mentioning just a few of them and a little bit of what I know they do.

  • #PKLIVE; this is a program that happens on Instagram live every Friday at 10pm WAT. It is an Instagram live run by Christians and a lot of them work behind the scenes except for the host. Adekunle Osilaja (Instagram: @adekunleosilaja) they tackle topics that Christians worry about ranging from the use of drugs to premarital sex and the captions are quite catchy too. You should definitely head to his Instagram account and catch up on the previous lives held there.Adekunle osilaja
  • Tobi Fusika; Instagram: @tobifusika Tobi is an Abuja based faith and fashion blogger. She has her own podcast @confessionswithtobifusika and blog.
  • Tolulope Oludolapo He is a pastor at CCI and the person behind the website Lifegivadotcom. It is an encyclopedia of answers to questions you might have had. He addresses numerous topics on faith. Life
  • Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Instagram: @bibilamour04 she has a blog and YouTube channel Here’s the link to her Instagram
  • Ezinne Zara; Instagram: @orangewriter she runs a YouTube channel, has a blog and also is in charge of a community.Orange writer
  • Tolulope Adejumo Instagram: @tolulope_solutions she runs a YouTube channel where she talks about faith, marriage and lifestyle.Tolulope solutions YouTube
  • Fisayo ade. She’s a blogger who writes for Christ. Her blog

We don’t require someone to write a blog post about us or to have thousands or millions of followers on our social media before we determine to live our lives for Christ. Our scale of influence might not be as great as these people but we can influence others for Christ, at home, in school, at our work place and even in our local assembly.

Just like me, you’re definitely encouraged after learning about all these people and you can find them on social media.

I know I didn’t write about every Christian influencer, I didn’t even finish writing about every single one I know.

Please talk about them in the comments below, so I can also check them out.

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